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Website Renewal (WERE) specializes in Reputation Management, Web Design, SEO and Internet Marketing for your local marketplace.

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Online Marketing Services

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Our uniqueness stands in the combination of creative vision of a traditional design firm with a complete understanding of the latest technologies. We put the customer first and harness cutting edge technology to deliver content in a style that will achieve our clients’ goals and exceed their expectations.

Internet Marketing Services

Go Live!

Once you approve, the site goes live, along with any related marketing campaign, and all the major search engines are notified. We train your staff to edit content, and access data from interactive forms.

Project On Time

Our skilled team will deliver a complete solution on time and with complete satisfaction using your input in the project planning process.

High Quality Services

We are all about healthcare. Just as practices specialize, WERE focuses exclusively on the medical field where our team of experts and professionals will position your practice for greatness.


Our talented project managers, designers, writers, editors, developers, and quality control teams have a wealth of experience building websites in a variety of healthcare categories.

About Us

WebsiteRenewal (WERE) is dedicated to helping the small and medium sized business (SMB) to succeed online without a high price tag. Our company has a history of serving the local community as a small business so we know the challenges involved especially during these difficult times. Our services includes the following solutions for our clients.

We can help improve your reputation and increase your business income

The Current Dynamics of Local Business

Online Marketing Services

Your online reputation matters

Every minute, businesses are being shaped by consumers who are exchanging dialogue and sharing reviews about them online. And since 97% of consumers find local business info on the web, you need a way to see what your customers are saying and a platform to join the conversation.

FREE Site Audit

FREE Site Audit

The WERE Site Audit Report can be used as a report card of your performance across a variety of channels, including social media, website, and advertising. The insights will allow you to concentrate on gaps in your business operations.

Reputation Control Plan

Reputation Management

An unflattering presence online can drive away your clients and WERE manages negative content and bad reviews and moves it down the rankings. We track your online reputation, keep you updated on recent developments and tweak the campaign to ensure your online reputation is restored.

Web Design and Hosting Services

Web Design and Hosting

Without a website, a business doesn’t exist online and you need a professional domain, secure hosting, and a beautiful design. WERE can host a WordPress website with the most trusted source on the internet, the Google Cloud Platform.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

WERE provides a unified set of social media management tools for your business that lets you manage, understand, and improve your social media presence. Tell your stories and grow your audience with a platform you can trust.

SEO Booster

SEO Booster

Organic search, paid search, backlinks, onsite SEO, offsite SEO, content, keywords—search engine optimization is complex. Employing the right SEO tactics can be challenging for businesses. You need WERE's expert help.

Content Management

Content Management

Fresh, engaging content is the engine behind online success drives search engine success and boosts conversion rates. WERE will create high-quality blogs and website content to make your life easier!

Clients We've Worked With

WERE has specialized in the healthcare business for over 13 years

Website Renewal - FAQ


WERE provides marketing automation for our clients which is the use of software and web-based services to execute, manage and automate your business’ marketing tasks and processes. Our clients have a number of common questions about how it works.

The best way to determine if your company needs our services is to sign up for a free site audit report. The report evaluates all of the aspects of your website and it’s efficiencies and problems but also how it is performing relative to other businesses and most importantly those in your industry. Go here to find out more

Many small business owners find website ownership to be frustrating, which is understandable. After all, you are not an IT professional, a website designer, or a marketing expert, you are an entrepreneur specializing in your product or service. But today the website is your face to the public and is the first-place customers go to find out about you. If your website seems to just cost you a bunch of money but never brings in business, it might be time to conduct a FREE Site Audit of your online marketing efforts so you can bring in an experienced and knowledgeable website manager to help you move forward more successfully.

Yes, after receiving your free site audit report, we can discuss the results with you to see if your areas of weakness can be improved by talking to our consultant and we have several ways to start at no charge and then you can add services as you go along. Find out more here

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WERE helps educate and update our clients with the latest information they need to keep abreast of the digital trends affecting their businesses.

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