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WebsiteRenewal (WERE)

Over 85% of consumers search online before even setting foot in a store. This means that consumers are going online to business’s web sites, directories and search engines before they even come close to entering the physical store.

So it’s important for your local business to have a great online presence that allows customers to find them with ease. With our services, we help you create a strong foundation for your digital reputation. We help build your online presence to improve search engine rank and make sure your business thrives to ensure customers will always be able to find you online and on the street.

Expert Team

The principals at WERE have been creating and maintaining websites since 2007 with a focus on the services industries especially health care. We are supported by a large team of technology experts that offer all the services needed for your online and local business success.

Business Analysis

WERE also offers a powerful roll-up of metrics across any number of business locations. It’s easy to slice the data to see trends in marketing performance across your brand or group of businesses. This report allows for powerful needs analysis and proof-of-performance reporting.

Online Marketing Services

Why Choose Us

WERE is a full service digital agency based in San Diego, California. Our mission is to work with our clients to help them leverage technology, social media, and other digital marketing strategies to expand their business. We are your partners in technology. We don’t succeed unless you succeed and we only win when you win. With that in mind, we will always price our services fairly; we will never sell you anything we don’t think you need; we will do everything in our power  to ensure that you and your organization will succeed.

Get Found Online

Be found online before your competitors.

Your Reputation

Reviews are the deciding factor for consumers choosing between you and your competitor.

Internet Marketing Services

Did you know that on average, your customers spend more time online than they do at work every single week? Your customers are online— your business needs to be too! Businesses have always used advertising like television, billboards,  and radio to reach their customers. Today, there is another opportunity—  Digital.


There are over three billion social media users in the world. It’s where people are— shouldn’t your business be there too?

Your Website

Studies have shown that you have eight seconds to influence a customer on your website. It’s the digital front door to your business, so it’s important to make a good impression!

Online Marketing Services

Our Team Skills

WERE has a full team of technology experts at our disposal to bring you all aspects of today’s essential skills and materials required to get your name and  reputation front and center for your local community members to find you.

Search Engine Optimization
UI/UX Designer
Web Development
Content Management