What Type of Business Owner are You – DIY, DIWM or DIFM?

I am a Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY), but not everybody is. You may be a Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) person or a Do-It-With-Me (DIWM) person. Our approach at Website Renewal is to cater to the needs, personalities and wishes of our client to get them the best results at the best price with the approach that works best for them. This is why we offer the full gamut of approaches including a free website builder for our clients and a good example is the building of a company website. I personally built the websites for my last 4 companies so I qualify as a DIYer. I used the most common website builder for these websites, WordPress, and our sites were hosted on some of the largest and best-known website hosting platforms. This approach worked best for me because I stopped seeing patients and I devoted my time to my alternative careers in data science and the world wide web. Building your own website requires a steep learning curve and much of your time is spent making mistakes along the way. If you are running a small business you probably don’t have the time to take this approach because your attention is directed to attracting new customers In your local market place and you manage the processes required to make your business successful.

For the DIY owner-An Instant Website Builder with Your Facebook Page

If you are a DIYer like me, Pagevamp may be the best choice to create a professional business website and domain with hosting included and you can launch a complete website in less than a few minutes! How? Pagevamp is a free website builder that uses your business’ Facebook page and builds a beautiful website from all of the content you’ve created in just one click. And don’t worry, the website can then be customized in an easy-to-use editor. PageVamp offers the following features:

  • Sites can easily be customized: Easily edit the look, feel, and content of the website using a simple, user-friendly editor. There are many templates and designs to choose from.
  • Complete flexibility: If you prefer, we also offer Pagevamp as a DIFM or DIWM website solution for your small business.  It’s a solution that’s as flexible as you are!
  • Pagevamp powers the websites of thousands of small businesses in over 80 countries. Our company’s customers include Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Unilever, and UberEATS so it is proven. 
  • You can update your own sites: Pagevamp websites update automatically based on the business’s updates on their Facebook Page. One will always match the other!
  • Best of all, Pagevamp IS FREE!

For the DIWM Owner-Website Express May Work Best

For the DIWM business owner, we also offer our Website Express, a free and easy-to-use ecommerce solution, specifically to help you transition your business online and maintain the comprehensive web service in the current climate. Website Express is a simplified version of our Website Creation product that includes the Divi Builder and WooCommerce plugins pre-installed so you can perform transactions and control inventory on the site. This will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of your site so you can maintain it for yourself. Website Express retains the core functionality of our DIFM service Website Creation which is our WordPress web hosting service. Website Express includes:

  • Seven website templates to simplify the design process
  • Secure WordPress hosting on the Google Cloud platform
  • Daily website backups 
  • A free SSL certificate to secure online transactions 
  • Built-in reporting on site traffic, including popular pages, and site speed 
  • Divi Builder, a visual website builder plugin for WordPress that makes designing a website simple and low-code
  • Easy-to-use ecommerce using the pre-installed WooCommerce plugin. Simply set up and add products to the store to start selling! 

Like our other Express offerings listed on our pricing page, through the Product Led Growth program, Website Express will have limited functionality in comparison to Website Creation. 

For the DIFM Business Owner-Consider Website Creation

Finally, for the DIFM business owner, we offer full website creation, transfer and management services including SEO and appointment booking with the Website Creation package . You can start for as little as $29 per month with a 5 page website for a one-time fee of $499. This includes maintenance, hosting and search engine optimization. You can compare the difference in offerings between Website Express and our Pro package below.

Comparing our DIFM and DIWM website options

Website Creation will give you the ability to have a beautiful website created for you  that performs exceptionally well. Your WordPress site will be hosted by the most trusted source on the internet—Google Cloud Platform meaning your site will always be secure and protected, Google-fast, and scale to fit any business.

We have stunning website templates that are customized to fit your needs and we offer  effortless staging environments, custom templates, and built-in reporting. And don’t forget that having a mobile friendly site is key to ranking well and bringing in new business. So contact us today to find out more. 

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