Know the 5 steps Your Customer’s Take Before Buying from Your Business

A FREE Website Audit Report can improve conversions in your Customer’s Journey

The Website Renewal Audit Report (WRAR) is an award-winning marketing assessment tool that arms you with insights into your company’s online marketing performance. These insights make for compelling and persuasive tools to understand where your  business needs the most help and how you can focus your efforts in your community to improve  performance within your local industry. There’s no pass/fail here—a business should strive to be as close to 100%  as possible in the overall grade and each section’s letter grade is calculated using a percentile grading system, There are six important sections to our WRAR that are important for you as a business owner to understand so that you can optimize your customer’s journey to do business with you.

The Customer Journey

How do local businesses attract new customers? The Customer Journey represents the key stages that people go through to become your customers. And in so doing to help you Build strategy and create tactics to improve your current and prospective customers’ experience at each stage of the process. The Customer Journey is composed of 5 steps, explained in detail below. Each section contains a key workflow that we will describe in more detail in later blogs to help you improve the customer Journey and build your customer base.


The first step in the Customer Journey concerns what your customers can do to increase your audience within the local market. At this step, It’s also important that your business maintain an active presence on social media such as Facebook and Google My Business in order to connect with your current and potential audience. SEO and PPC paid search ads also help future customers to find you.


Potential customers may be aware of your business, but if they can’t find consistent and accurate information about your business online, they’re less likely to become customers. This step requires you to keep track of your online listings and business information, like hours of operation, address, and contact information, and ensure that the information is up to date wherever it’s found.


Potential customers frequently use online reviews to guide their purchase decisions, particularly when deciding among competing businesses. As Neil Patel says “No matter the size of your business, people are talking about you, including prospects, customers, clients, and their friends”. This step recommends that you monitor and respond to reviews frequently in order to rank above your competitors in online search and improve your ratings online.


Having an informative and up-to-date website is crucial for helping customers find local businesses and learn more about their products and services. When people can easily find, contact, and buy from a business online, they’re far more likely to become customers. This step recommends that you update your existing website to reflect your current offerings and provide relevant information to your customers.


A local business’ best advocates are happy customers. This step recommends that you reach out to previous customers for reviews to improve your overall star rating on popular review sites and help inform the purchase decisions of other potential customers in your local market. 

Our website audit report breaks down the different categories of the customer Journey into these sections and we will publish more detailed descriptions in our future blogs. For now, you can see a sample of a WRAR on our website here.

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