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Website Renewal - FAQ


WERE provides marketing automation for our clients which is the use of software and web-based services to execute, manage and automate your business’ marketing tasks and processes. Our clients have a number of common questions about how it works.

The best way to determine if your company needs our services is to sign up for a free site audit report. The report evaluates all of the aspects of your website and it’s efficiencies and problems but also how it is performing relative to other businesses and most importantly those in your industry. Go here to find out more

Many small business owners find website ownership to be frustrating, which is understandable. After all, you are not an IT professional, a website designer, or a marketing expert, you are an entrepreneur specializing in your product or service. But today the website is your face to the public and is the first-place customers go to find out about you. If your website seems to just cost you a bunch of money but never brings in business, it might be time to conduct a FREE Site Audit of your online marketing efforts so you can bring in an experienced and knowledgeable website manager to help you move forward more successfully.

Yes, after receiving your free site audit report, we can discuss the results with you to see if your areas of weakness can be improved by talking to our consultant and we have several ways to start at no charge and then you can add services as you go along. Find out more here